Journal Citation Reports is an annual publication which indicates the most frequently cited journals in a field, the highest impact journals in a field, and the largest journals in a field.

Journal Citation Reports™ (JCR) provides you with the transparent, publisher-neutral data and statistics you need to make confident decisions in today’s evolving scholarly publishing landscape, whether you’re submitting your first manuscript or managing a portfolio of thousands of publications.

Quickly understand a journal’s role within and influence upon the global research community by exploring a rich array of citation metrics, including the Journal Impact Factor™ (JIF), alongside descriptive data about a journal’s open access content and contributing authors

1. access the JCR website

Journal Citation Reports are not free.

Access in the university’s network or by remote access (VPN) if the university has bought the license to the database.

click【Products】- 【Journal Citation Reports


2.Find relevant categories or journals

2.1 click【Browse Categories


2.2 select【Social sciences,genernal】-【Hospitality,Leisure, Sport & Tourism


2.3 click【SSCI】(58 journals)


3.Export the spreadsheet file

click【Export】button to download the csv file.


JCR(with weblinks) on hospitality, leisure, sport and tourism: