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90186243CAmerican Law and Economics Reviewlaw
90286344CAntitrust Law Journallaw
90386445CColumbia Journal of Transnational Lawlaw
90486546CEuropean Constitutional Law Reviewlaw
90586647CEuropean Journal of Migration and Lawlaw
90686748CEuropean Journal of Psychology Applied to Legal Contextlaw
90786849CEuropean Law Journallaw
90886950CFeminist Legal Studieslaw
90987051CFordham Law Reviewlaw
91087152CHague Journal on the Rule of Lawlaw
91187253CIcon-International Journal of Constitutional Lawlaw
91287354CInternational and Comparative Law Quarterlylaw
91387455CInternational Environmental Agreements-Politics Law and Economicslaw
91487556CInternational Journal of Law and Psychiatrylaw
91587657CInternational Journal of Transitional Justicelaw
91687758CInternational Review of Law and Economicslaw
91787859CInternational Review of Law and Economicslaw
91887960CJournal of Law Medicine and Ethicslaw
91988061CJournal of World Tradelaw
92088162CLaw and Policylaw
92188263CLaw and Social Inquiry-Journal of the American Bar Foundationlaw
92288364CLeiden Journal of International Lawlaw
92388465CNorthwestern University Law Reviewlaw
92488566CNotre Dame Law Reviewlaw
92588667CPsychology Crime and Lawlaw
92688768CSocial and Legal Studieslaw
92788869CSouthern California Law Reviewlaw
92888970CTransnational Environmental Lawlaw
92989071CWashington Law Reviewlaw
93089172CWashington Quarterlylaw
93189273CWorld Trade Reviewlaw
93294957CAnnual Review of Applied LinguisticsLLC
93395058CBoundary 2-An International Journal of Literature and CultureLLC
93495159CClinical Linguistics and PhoneticsLLC
93595260CCommunication MonographsLLC
93695361CCommunications-European Journal of Communication ResearchLLC
93795462CComputer Assisted Language LearningLLC
93895563CDifferences-A Journal of Feminist Cultural StudiesLLC
93995664CDiscourse and SocietyLLC
94095765CDiscourse StudiesLLC
94195866CEnglish For Specific PurposesLLC
94295967CEuropean Journal of Cultural StudiesLLC
94396068CForeign Language AnnalsLLC
94496169CHealth CommunicationLLC
94596270CInter-Asia Cultural StudiesLLC
94696371CInternational Journal of Bilingual Education and BilingualismLLC
94796472CJournal of Applied Communication ResearchLLC
94896573CJournal of Business and Technical CommunicationLLC
94996674CJournal of English for Academic PurposesLLC
95096775CJournal of Language and Social PsychologyLLC
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