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40172652BJournal of Mathematical Imaging and VisionApplied Mathematics
40272753BJournal of Modern DynamicsApplied Mathematics
40372854BJournal of Multivariate AnalysisApplied Mathematics
40472955BJournal of Nonlinear ScienceApplied Mathematics
40573056BJournal of Numerical MathematicsApplied Mathematics
40673157BJournal of Optimization Theory and ApplicationsApplied Mathematics
40773258BJournal of Scientific ComputingApplied Mathematics
40873359BJournal of Time Series AnalysisApplied Mathematics
40973561BMathematical Programming ComputationApplied Mathematics
41073662BMathematics of ComputationApplied Mathematics
41173763BMathematische AnnalenApplied Mathematics
41273864BMathematische ZeitschriftApplied Mathematics
41373965BMoscow Mathematical JournalApplied Mathematics
41474066BNonlinearityApplied Mathematics
41574167BNumerische MathematikApplied Mathematics
41674268BPhysica D-Nonlinear PhenomenaApplied Mathematics
41774369BSIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical SystemsApplied Mathematics
41874470BSIAM Journal on ComputingApplied Mathematics
41974571BSIAM Journal on Discrete MathematicsApplied Mathematics
42074672BSIAM Journal on Financial MathematicsApplied Mathematics
42174773BSIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and ApplicationsApplied Mathematics
42274874BSIAM Journal on Scientific and Statistical ComputingApplied Mathematics
42374975BStudies in Applied MathematicsApplied Mathematics
42483213BAdministrative Law Reviewlaw
42583314BAmerican Journal of Comparative Lawlaw
42683415BAnnual Review of Law and Social Sciencelaw
42783516BBehavioral Sciences and The Lawlaw
42883617BBoston University Law Reviewlaw
42983718BCommon Market Law Reviewlaw
43083819BCornell Law Reviewlaw
43183920BDuke Law Journallaw
43284021BEuropean Journal of International Lawlaw
43384122BHarvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Reviewlaw
43484223BHarvard Environmental Law Reviewlaw
43584324BHarvard International Law Journallaw
43684425BIndiana Law Journallaw
43784526BIowa Law Reviewlaw
43884627BJournal of Criminal Law and Criminologylaw
43984728BJournal of Empirical Legal Studieslaw
44084829BJournal of Law Economics and Organizationlaw
44184930BLaw and Human Behaviorlaw
44285031BLaw and Society Reviewlaw
44385132BLegal and Criminological Psychologylaw
44485233BMinnesota Law Reviewlaw
44585334BNew York University Law Reviewlaw
44685435BPsychology Public Policy and Lawlaw
44785536BRegulation and Governancelaw
44885637BSupreme Court Reviewlaw
44985738BTexas Law Reviewlaw
45085839BUCLA Law Reviewlaw
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