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45185940BUniversity of Chicago Law Reviewlaw
45286041BUniversity of Pennsylvania Law Reviewlaw
45386142BVanderbilt Law Reviewlaw
45490412BAmerican Journal of Speech-Language PathologyLLC
45590513BApplied PsycholinguisticsLLC
45690614BBilingualism-Language and CognitionLLC
45790715BCognitive LinguisticsLLC
45890816BCommunication TheoryLLC
45990917BComputational LinguisticsLLC
46091018BCultural StudiesLLC
46191119BEuropean Journal of CommunicationLLC
46291220BHuman Communication ResearchLLC
46391321BIdentities-Global Studies In Culture and PowerLLC
46491422BInternational Journal of Cultural StudiesLLC
46591523BInternational Journal of Language and Communication DisordersLLC
46691624BJournal of AdvertisingLLC
46791725BJournal of Advertising ResearchLLC
46891826BJournal of Child LanguageLLC
46991927BJournal of Communication DisordersLLC
47092028BJournal of Computer-Mediated CommunicationLLC
47192129BJournal of Fluency DisordersLLC
47292230BJournal of Health CommunicationLLC
47392331BJournal of Material CultureLLC
47492432BJournal of NeurolinguisticsLLC
47592533BJournal of PhoneticsLLC
47692634BJournal of Second Language WritingLLC
47792735BJournal of Speech Language and Hearing ResearchLLC
47892836BLanguage In SocietyLLC
47992937BLanguage LearningLLC
48093038BLanguage Learning and TechnologyLLC
48193139BLinguistic InquiryLLC
48293240BLinguistics and PhilosophyLLC
48493442BMind and LanguageLLC
48593543BModern Fiction StudiesLLC
48693644BModern Language JournalLLC
48793745BNatural Language and Linguistic TheoryLLC
48893846BNew Literary HistoryLLC
48993947BPolitical CommunicationLLC
49094048BPublic Opinion QuarterlyLLC
49194149BPublic Understanding of ScienceLLC
49394351BResearch on Language and Social InteractionLLC
49494452BScience CommunicationLLC
49594553BSecond Language ResearchLLC
49694654BStudies In Second Language AcquisitionLLC
49794755BTesol QuarterlyLLC
49894856BWritten CommunicationLLC
49910065BCanadian Journal of Political SciencePolitics
50010076BComparative PoliticsPolitics
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